Chemicals are used as part of the electropolishing process.

The electrolyte is a blend of Phosphor acid (H3PO4) and Sulphur acid (H2SO4). Calamo sells electrolyte to customers around Scandinavia, and has both the knowledge and facilities to mix the electrolyte.


Benefits with Calamo Electrolyte

Calamo has over 40 years’ experience in electropolishing, and has developed the electrolyte to meet the high quality standards we have in our production


The electrolyte is delivered to the customer and is ready to use (ready-blended). This means that the customer avoids the complicated and health hazardous process of mixing the chemicals


With our datasheet the customer will have all the information they need to optimize the electropolishing process.

Calamo will provide bottles for testing and analysis of the electrolyte. After analysis, Calamo will help the customer to optimize the performance of the electrolyte.


For technical questions please contact:

Calamo sales
+46 553 313 01