High purity gas tubes

Calamo tubes are unique, since they originate from a fully integrated steel producer. Steel is precisely melted in consistent and controlled heats and tubes are cold drawn or pilgered to precise specifications at Calamo tube mills, in order to optimize surface roughness.

The electropolishing operation is closely fine-tuned to suit the 316L grades originating from Calamo, providing the customer with tubes possessing superior corrosion resistance produced in a closely monitored manufacturing process.

Tubes are supplied with both destructive and none-destructive testing according to EU and US standards.
The consistent steel melts allow your installers to spend less time readjusting the welding parameters, resulting in increased productivity.
The full specification of testing allows you to be flexible and install tubes in all parts of the world, since Calamo covers most of the specifications requested.
Integrated melt to final cleaning of tubes ensures full Calamo traceability.