Calamo offers contract pickling of stainless steel components. Pickling is a chemical treatment applied to stainless steel surfaces to remove contaminants and high temperature scale originating from welding.


Pickling is used in applications with high demands on metallurgical cleanliness, sterility and hygiene within the following areas:

Pickling benefits

Pickling removes and dissolves surface contaminants on heat treated welded stainless steel constructions.
Calamo Pickling removes welding oxides and residues from grinding belts.
Hygiene pickling and rinsing with deionized and ultrapure water restores the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel component.


When pickling, it is important to completely rinse residues from the pickling operation from the surface. Calamo can offer rinsing with deionized water from a water purification plant to achieve a spotless and corrosion resistance after electropolishing.

For the toughest requirements, we offer ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing in ultrapure, warm 18MOcm DI water, with final drying in a particle free LAF-zone and packing in cleanroom environment.


Steel grades

Calamo offers pickling of all austenitic stainless steel grades. Nickel-based alloys and duplex grades can also be offered, by agreement.

Together, we will specify a final surface finish that is possible to achieve. This surface can be specified along with the with surface roughness value, Ra.

To the left you see a non-pickled exhaust tube for a marine engine and to the right, you see the same component after pickling.

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