Subcontract electropolishing

Calamo undertakes subcontract electropolishing of almost any stainless steel component. We have several units for subcontract electropolishing, the largest containing 40,000 litres of electrolyte, which means that we have capacity for very large items.


Pickling is used in applications with high demands on metallurgical cleanliness, sterility and hygiene within the following areas:


An electropolished surface is easier to clean and sterilize, thanks to the smoothness, reduced surface and lack of inclusions and surface defects.
It creates an appealing exterior to the items.

Steel Grades suitable for Electropolishing

We can electropolish all austenitic, ferritic and austenitic-ferritic (Duplex) steel grades.

Units for subcontract electropolishing

Calamo has several units for eletropolishing: we can handle goods from the smallest sizes up to very large objects. Our larges tub is 6.5x3.0x2.0 meters.

Electropolishing of vessels (pharmaceutical, food etc.).

Calamo has the experience and ‘know-how’ to electropolish vessels for many different applications. We can manage vessels up to 9 meters in length with diameter up to 3 meters. This means that we can handle vessels in different sizes and forms.

As a final treatment, the goods are rinsed with city water.
As an option, the goods can be rinsed with DI-water.

For technical questions please contact:

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