My day at Calamo

“It’s always easy to go to work”

Mikael Johansson works with shipping and logistics at Calamo – and has done so since 1988. The familiar feeling is what he appreciate the most.

Mikael Johansson, speditör på Calamo.

What is your background, Mikael?

“I started my career at Televerket’s warehouse in the end of 80’s and have been working at Calamo since 1988. It will be 36 years in August. My competences are within freight, warehouse work and forklift driving.”

This is what we do in my department!

“We prepare and pack customer orders, book transports and for example provide material transports within our production site. And of course, ensuring that our customers receive their delivery in the right place, at the right time.”

What does a typical day at Calamo look like for you?

“Basically, our days are depending on our colleagues and customers wishes and needs. That’s probably the charm of my job; that we don’t know what task awaits around the corner. The most enjoyable task for me is probably forklift driving, to be loading and unloading trucks.”

What do you think is the best thing about Calamo?

“The best thing about Calamo is that we have a strong “family-feeling”, good colleagues and managers. It’s always easy to go to work.”

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