Calamo and Environmental Work

At Calamo, our aim is to minimize our environmental impact, which is a fundamental part of our vision. Through active process development, we have successfully reduced water consumption, minimized chemical usage, and work on reducing the amount of hazardous waste.

Continuous Sustainability Development

To promote sustainability and continuous improvement, we have established management meetings. We operate our own treatment plant for rinsing water and conduct regular checks of wastewater and the receiving environment through accredited laboratories.

Alternative Chemicals

Calamo’s research department is dedicated to developing alternative chemicals and methods for recycling electrolytes and metals. We adhere to strict environmental standards and comply with our environmental management system (ISO 14001:2015) to ensure that our environmental initiatives are sustainable and effective.

Value Chain Mapping

Our processes at Calamo do not emit significant amounts of carbon dioxide, and therefore, we maintain an expanded perspective. Continuous efforts are made to review transportation, steel procurement, travel, and chemical production. The electricity we use in our processes comes from renewable sources.

Reference Group to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

In an EU project aimed at aligning environmental requirements among member states within the industry, Calamo participates in a reference group with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. The project’s purpose is to strengthen requirements and create fair competition within the EU.

Leading in Environmental Matters

We are committed to driving change and minimizing our environmental impact. At Calamo, we continuously strive to be leaders in addressing environmental issues within our industry.

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