The Pursuit of Perfection has Shaped Calamo for Over 100 Years

Since 1918, our roots have been firmly anchored in Molkom, where our expertise in processing stainless steel products has been honed. Now, we specialize in surface treatment for a wide range of industries and applications that demand high purity standards. Thanks to this, we can cater to a variety of customers worldwide – often with extreme and unique requirements.

1918 – Calamo’s History – How it Started

Two families – Carlsson and Larsson – started a small sheet metal workshop to produce tins, buckets, and various products for housekeeping use. And that’s where the name Calamo springs from; CA from Carlsson, LA from Larsson, and MO comes from the Swedish village Molkom where it all started.

1930 – Stainless Steel and Uddeholm

As early as 1930 the first kitchen sink in stainless steel was manufactured by Valdemar Larsson and Henric Carlsson. And by the end of the 1930’s they got in contact with Uddeholm AB. That was the start of a long and prosperous partnership.

Calamo then manufactured welded fittings from sheet metal and later spirally welded tubes in stainless steel. Uddeholm was responsible for sales and marketing and Calamo acted as a subcontractor.

1970 – the spark for electropolishing

Calamo acquired a machine for electropolishing of tubes. Seeing the possibilities for that market developed the machine and set up the production in a new building.

During the coming decades Calamo also manufactured machines for electropolishing.

1996 – Sandvik Group

The quality and success from Calamo has drawn interest from large groups in the steel industry. In the early days it was Uddeholm that had owner interest in Calamo, later it was Avesta Sheffield, and in 1996 Sandvik Group acquired Calamo. A relationship that lasted until 2008 the Fiebig family, who owns Dockweiler, became the new majority owner.


A family business built on the foundation of entrepreneurship and innovation. Calamo have solutions that are unique – especially for electropolishing of tubes. And something that’s been prominent for every decade – an ongoing strive for development and refined processes. We have expanded our facilities in Molkom throughout the years to meet the demands for high quality electropolishing and hot pickling.

Now Calamo has about 70 employees working out of Molkom, Sweden where it all started over 100 years ago.