How to achieve the best results with electropolishing?

Important to consider for best results

Electropolishing is a stable yet sensitive process. To achieve the best results, one must consider many parameters.

The product to be electropolished

  • Before electropolishing begins, the product must be completely free from oil, grease, tape residues, and other elements that might hinder the current from ‘reaching’ the product.
  • Electropolishing concerns the surface, and damages from transportation unfortunately may still appear after electropolishing. Therefore, transportation is also crucial for an optimal outcome.

Preparations for optimal results

  • Each product requires its fixture. Drawings and descriptions in the early stages facilitate achieving optimal results. Hence, it’s helpful when we receive drawings and descriptions directly.
  • Before electropolishing, welding is common. All welds should be free from weld oxides.
  • Adequate rinsing capabilities are essential in tight spaces such as legs and penetrations. Ensure there is at least a 12-millimeter space to rinse through after electropolishing.
  • Sealed welding isn’t easy. But if you choose it, it must truly be tight. Weld pores absorb electrolytes that will leak out over time.

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