Energy – reduced risks for corrosion

The entire energy sector, whether it involves fusion, wind power, or nuclear power, has high purity standards. Electropolishing reduces the risks of corrosion and contamination.

In the dynamic world of energy production, Calamo is at the forefront of meeting high standards for purity and sustainability. Whether it’s fusion power, wind power, or nuclear power, our electropolishing services are designed to minimize the risks of corrosion and contamination within the energy industry.

Electropolishing reduces the risks of corrosion and contamination

Calamo understands the central need to maintain the highest standards of purity to ensure the reliability and sustainability of energy production. By offering electropolishing services specifically tailored for each energy project, we enable the creation of surfaces that not only meet industry requirements but surpass them.

Within the nuclear power industry, safety and corrosion resistance play a crucial role. Calamo serves as a reliable partner, providing electropolishing services for distributor details in nuclear power and projects in fusion power. Our tailored solutions meet the high demands of the energy industry and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

For wind power projects, Calamo delivers electropolishing services that minimize corrosion risks and extend the lifespan of components. By customizing the electropolishing process for each specific energy project, we strive to be the preferred partner within the energy industry.

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Surfaces that are part of packaging machinery and come into contact with corrosive substances are advantageously electropolished. This creates a high-quality passive layer, a durable surface that is easier to clean.