glasburk fylls med vit vätska i livsmedelsfabrik

Food – quality passive layers

Surfaces that are part of packaging machinery and come into contact with corrosive substances are advantageously electropolished. This creates a high-quality passive layer, a durable surface that is easier to clean.

In the demanding food industry, where hygiene and food safety are top priorities, Calamo stands as a reliable partner with tailored electropolishing services. Surfaces involved in packaging machinery and in contact with corrosive media, such as ketchup or juices, are electropolished to create quality passive layers and durable surfaces.

Electropolishing in the Food Industry

We understand the importance of maintaining high standards of purity in food production. By offering electropolishing services specifically adapted for the food industry, we strive to create surfaces that are not only corrosion-resistant but also easy to clean. Calamo is committed to delivering solutions that exceed expectations, enabling efficient and hygienic food production.

Sustainable Surfaces

Our focus is on creating sustainable surfaces that can withstand the toughest requirements in the food industry. Electropolishing of surfaces in packaging machinery plays a crucial role in preventing corrosion and extending the equipment’s lifespan. Calamo is here to be the trusted partner that supports food producers in their pursuit of the highest quality and safety.


An industry with extremely high demands for purity, surface finish, documentation, and quality. Calamo collaborates with global and world-leading players in this field.