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Hospitals – increased patient safety & efficiency

By securing the distribution of medical gases in stainless tube systems, from the gas source to patient as well as contributing to clean and sterile stainless steel surfaces, patient safety is improved. 

In many critical environments with requirements for the safe distribution of gases as well as high demands for hygiene and cleanliness, stainless steel is often used. Tube systems, chambers, surgical instruments are just a few examples of media affected components that are manufactured in stainless steel.

Stainless steel is easy to process but above all also sustainable over time. By surface treating the material, a clean and smooth finish is achieved that more easily maintains hygiene and quality over time, compared to other materials. This contributes to a higher patient safety.

Customized tubing and electropolishing services

Calamo understands the importance of creating an environment where every surface is optimized to meet the strictest requirements in healthcare and contribute to a safe and secure healthcare environment.


The entire energy sector, whether it involves fusion, wind power, or nuclear power, has high purity standards. Electropolishing reduces the risks of corrosion and contamination.