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Pharmaceuticals – reduced risks for contamination

The production of pharmaceuticals requires clean and smooth surfaces to reduce the risk of contamination and create surfaces that are easy to clean.

In the sensitive realm of pharmaceutical manufacturing, every step is critical. Calamo stands as a dedicated partner, providing electropolishing services that go beyond expectations. We understand that clean and smooth surfaces are crucial to minimize the risk of contamination and create surfaces that are easy to clean. Through tailored electropolishing processes designed to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry, we guarantee the highest purity and quality.

Surface Treatment Pharmaceuticals Industry

We recognize the importance of every stage in pharmaceutical production and how each surface can impact the outcome. By customizing the electropolishing process to meet the stringent standards of the pharmaceutical industry, we not only ensure the highest purity and quality but strive to be a key player in the production of life-saving medications.

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The importance of safe transportation of medical gases and creating sterile environments in hospitals cannot be emphasized enough. Electropolished surfaces are much easier to clean, making them more hygienic.