Semiconductor – extreme demands for purity & surface finish

An industry with extremely high demands for purity, surface finish, documentation, and quality. Calamo collaborates with global and world-leading players in this field.

In the intricate world of semiconductor technology, where innovation is the driving force and standards are exceptionally high, Calamo takes the lead. We are not merely aware of the technical challenges faced by the semiconductor industry; we are committed to exceeding them. Collaborating closely with global leaders, we strive to be the first to deliver tailored electropolishing services that not only meet but surpass the requirements for purity, surface finish, documentation, and superior quality.

Surface Treatment for semi-conductors

At the heart of semiconductor manufacturing, every surface is critical. Calamo focuses on understanding and addressing these critical needs by tailoring electropolishing to create surfaces that not only meet industry standards but set new ones. Our technology goes beyond surface enhancement; it lays the foundation for the future of semiconductor technology.

Tailored services

With our tailored electropolishing services, semiconductor manufacturers can be confident that every component, every surface, is optimized to meet the specific functions and requirements of the industry. We aim to be a reliable partner, understanding that every innovation in semiconductor technology begins with a surface perfectly tailored to its specific functions and demands.

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