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Striving for Perfection

With 50 years of experience in surface treatment and an innovative research and development department – Calamo leads the way with knowledge in a common pursuit of quality and perfection.

Education in Surface Treatment and Chemical Liquids

By sharing knowledge, we can grow stronger together. Calamo offers training and education in surface treatments, stainless steel surfaces, and chemical liquids. Perhaps our extensive knowledge from various industries can help your business take the next step?

Questions that can be addressed during our training sessions:

  • Which surface is most suitable for your application?
  • How can you best join tubes and fittings?
  • Can you bond copper and stainless steel?
  • How do you maintain your electropolishing baths in the best way?
  • What safety regulations apply?
  • How do you manage your waste in a sustainable and safe manner?
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Analysis of Electrolytes

Perfect results require perfect processes, and the electrolytes used are a crucial component. Through analysis, we can ensure that you are using the right electrolytes of a sufficiently high quality for the desired results.

An analysis is carried out in a few simple steps:

  1. Contact or call +46 553 313 01.
  2. Calamo sends approved sample bottles to you.
  3. Fill the bottle with electrolyte and send it to the address provided on the enclosed shipping label.
  4. Within two weeks, you will receive results and recommendations.

Surface Treatment Facilities for Stainless Steel

Over the years, Calamo has designed over 30 surface treatment facilities for our customers’ installations. From small and simple to large facilities with a capacity of 40 m³. Calamo can take responsibility for engineering, manufacturing, startup, and training with EC documentation.

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kvalitetskontroll av elektropolerat rör

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