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Precision in Pharmaceutical Chromatography

Improved performance with electropolished chromatography
columns through Calamos superior solutions.

Every Detail Matters in Chromatography

In the realm of pharmaceutical production, precision is vital. At Calamo, we strive for perfection and understand the importance of every detail – especially in processes like chromatography. Our tailored solutions are designed to elevate chromatographic performance.

by Calamo

With Calamo's soulutions for Chromatography you will
get unmatched reliability and precision.

Reducing Bandwidth: Calamo’s Electropolished Columns

Calamo’s specialized electropolishing process decreases bandwidth, ensuring higher resolution and accuracy in chromatographic analyses. By creating exceptionally smooth inner surfaces within chromatography columns, we facilitate smoother flow and enhance separation of substances, resulting in more precise measurements.

Unrivaled Quality for HPLC and UPLC

Calamo sets the standard for excellence with our range of high-quality, electropolished tubes and columns tailored for HPLC (High Performace Liquid Chromatography) and UPLC (Ultra Pressure Liquid Chromatography) applications. For HPLC and UPLC conditions, our products deliver unmatched reliability and precision.

Calamo Elevates Chromatography

Calamo has cutting-edge chromatography solutions and unlock a host of benefits tailored to your specific needs:

  • Smoother Surfaces: Minimize friction and maximize efficiency with impeccably smooth inner surfaces.
  • Easier Cleaning: Facilitate effortless maintenance with improved surface finish.
  • Reduced Adhesion Risk: Eliminate sample adhesion concerns with our electropolished surfaces.
  • Certified Excellence: Gain assurance of quality and compliance with complete certificates.
  • Full Traceability: Transparency with precisely tracked products offering full traceability.
  • Individual Marking: Easily identify each product for seamless integration into your workflow.
  • Customized Solutions: Ensure safe and secure delivery with packaging tailored to your requirements.

Achieve Unparalleled Precision

At Calamo, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of chromatography, empowering pharmaceutical professionals to achieve unparalleled precision and efficiency. Experience the Calamo difference and elevate your chromatography to new heights of excellence.