Surface Treatment

A Modern Approach to Subcontracting Services

In modern facilities dedicated to subcontracting services, everything from small stainless steel components to large structures weighing several tons are handled. The products are surface treated with specific requirements tailored to their applications and industries.

Surface Treatment and Subcontracting Services

With extremely high demands for purity, surface finish, documentation, and quality, Calamo has built its subcontracting department. Through extensive experience across various applications and industries, there is an understanding of end customers’ needs, challenges, and operations.

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Analyses in a Laboratory Environment

Thanks to a modern research and development department, there is the opportunity to address new products, new steel grades, and complex applications. Precise analyses can be carried out in Calamo’s laboratory environment, where the process can be monitored, measured, and controlled at an extremely precise level. All processes are optimized according to specific customer and product requirements.

Large and Complex Projects

There are elaborated procedures and processes for handling complex inquiries and larger projects, all to ensure an optimal offering in every delivery.

  • A team from production, R&D, sales, quality, and design is assembled.
  • We work closely – often on-site with the customer – to understand processes and business.
  • We provide internal training – both in general surface treatment and custom-made for customer needs.
  • Technical consultation during customer negotiations.

Comprehensive Solutions

In some cases, efficiency and profitability can be increased through an across-the-board approach to the entire business. In these cases, we take full responsibility for the entire chain:

  • Procurement of raw materials.
  • Subcontracting services from other suppliers.
  • Assembly.
  • Packaging.

Dedicated Facility for Subcontracting Services

Calamo has a facility entirely dedicated to the surface treatment of subcontracting services. Everything from small stainless steel components to large structures weighing several tons is handled there. Various facilities for surface treatments meet the requirements for different variations of electropolishing:

  • The largest electropolishing vessel measures 6x3x2 meters, where larger and more complex products are surface treated.
  • There are also techniques for electropolishing larger constructions.
  • An automated line for electropolishing suitable for smaller products.
  • Several smaller facilities for complex, small products, and series.

Calamo also has the capability for both hot and cold pickling. Our processes for hot pickling are market-leading, especially when it comes to environmental and safety considerations.

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