Tubes and Fittings

High-Purity Gases

Surface treatment, inspection from arrival to delivery, and storage of stainless steel tubes, fittings, and valves for high-purity gas systems. All to ensure high standards of quality.

Quality Control Throughout the Chain

The entire refinement process, from arrival inspection to delivery, takes place in Calamo’s spacious and protected facilities. This ensures full control over quality and lead times throughout the chain. Through multiple surface treatment facilities, we meet high demands for short lead times, even with significant demand variations. All tubes for high-purity gas come with a product certificate enabling traceability and compliance with current customer requirements.

In the assortment, you will find:

  • Electropolished and cleanroom-treated PQE products for high-purity gas and corrosive gases.
  • Cleaned CQE products with defined surface requirements and cleaned CQ products.
  • Cleaned, sealed CQM products designed for hospitals.

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Products, dimensions and detailed requirements.

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Clear Procurement and Inspection Procedures

All raw material purchases are made according to procurement specifications to ensure the product meets all required standards. Arrival inspection covers the chemical analysis of the steel, tolerances, surfaces, labeling, packaging, and material certificates. Everything is recorded in the ERP system, and production follows well-established and documented processes.

Surface Treatment According to Specific Needs

The surface treatment process is tailored to each individual product and is well-documented. All Calamo employees work according to controlled regulations. Storage takes place in our temperature-controlled indoor warehouse, where we deliver according to the FIFO principle. Depending on the product, the tubes are protected with nylon film, PE plugs, and single or double PE socks. The tubes are delivered in well-protected and treated wooden packaging approved for export.

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Special Products

Customized and pre-cut tubes, in the lengths you desire, are delivered with ends deburred or chamfered according to your specifications, ready for welding and installation. This contributes to smoother assembly and higher quality.

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Subcontracting Services

With extremely high demands for purity, surface finish, documentation, and quality, Calamo has built its subcontracting department. Through extensive experience across various applications and industries, there is an understanding of end customers’ needs, challenges, and operations.

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Knowledge & Quality

By sharing knowledge, we can grow stronger together. Calamo offers training and education in surface treatments, stainless steel surfaces, and chemical liquids. Perhaps our extensive knowledge from various industries can help your business take the next step?

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