Tubes and Fittings for

Medical Gases in Hospitals

A full range of tubes and fittings designed for the transportation of medical gases in hospitals. Meets the industry standards for quality, purity, and safety at every stage of the process, from procurement to final delivery.

Secure Facilities Ensuring
Quality Control

The entire process of refinement, starting from initial inspection to the final delivery, is carried out within the spacious and secure facilities of Calamo. This ensures complete quality control and efficient lead times throughout the entire supply chain. With a substantial capacity of machinery, we can accommodate fluctuations in demand, which ultimately leads to shorter lead times.

Every product is certified within our ERP system, following EN 10204 3.1 standards, and is marked externally.

Additionally, for easy and secure receipt of goods, each bag is equipped with labels that are linked to the respective certificate.

Within Calamo’s product range, you will find:

  • CQM Medical products with a guaranteed hydrocarbon content of < 2.5 mg/m2 in accordance to HB 370.
  • Compliance with ASTM G93 and ISO 7396-1 Medical gas pipeline systems, Part 1: Pipelines for compressed medical gases and vacuum
  • Thoroughly treated, cleaned and dried using nitrogen gas from a tank in accordance to SWID-760.
  • Hydrocarbon analysis, in line with SS-EN 723 standards, through the combustion method
  • Products, excluding Tees, fulfill the requirements according to PED 2014/68/EU, and AFS 2016:1.
  • CQM tubes are sealed at the ends with polyethylene plugs

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Products, dimensions and detailed requirements.

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Thorough Inspections and Documented Procedures

All raw material acquisitions are conducted according to purchase specifications that guarantee each product’s adherence to the specified requirements. The incoming inspection process encompasses the chemical analysis of the steel, assessment of tolerances, examination of surfaces, verification of markings, inspection of packaging, and validation of material certificates. These records are systematically managed within the ERP system, and production is executed in alignment with meticulously tested and documented procedures.

Cleaner and Safer Gas Transportation

Calamo is actively committed to the promotion of cleaner and safer transportation for medical gases used in hospitals. In addition to our involvement in one of SIS’s technical committees, we share our expertise in the realm of clean, stainless surfaces.

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Download our Product Catalog

Products, dimensions and detailed requirements.

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Special Products

Customized and pre-cut tubes, in the lengths you desire, are delivered with ends deburred or chamfered according to your specifications, ready for welding and installation. This contributes to smoother assembly and higher quality.

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Subcontracting Services

With extremely high demands for purity, surface finish, documentation, and quality, Calamo has built its subcontracting department. Through extensive experience across various applications and industries, there is an understanding of end customers’ needs, challenges, and operations.

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Knowledge & Quality

By sharing knowledge, we can grow stronger together. Calamo offers training and education in surface treatments, stainless steel surfaces, and chemical liquids. Perhaps our extensive knowledge from various industries can help your business take the next step?

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