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The right surface treatment plays a crucial role in extending the lifespan and enhancing the performance of products and applications. Electropolishing is required when there are high and extreme demands for purity, corrosion resistance, and hygiene.

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Electropolishing, pickling, and high-purity water cleaning. This is what Calamo's processes look like for perfect results every time.

Advantages with Electropolishing

In the case of stainless steel products, there are often residues from the manufacturing process, such as grinding debris, oxides, and other contaminants. Electropolishing removes approximately 20µm (0.02 millimeters) from the surface layer. As a result, an electropolished surface offers several advantages – it is free from contaminants that adversely affect corrosion resistance, purity, durability, and washability.

An electropolished surface:

  • Has a higher-quality passive layer that increases protection against corrosion.
  • Is easier to clean due to its smoother structure.
  • Reduces the risk of contamination from the surrounding media as the surface is free from impurities.
  • Facilitates disinfection and sterilization due to its surface structure.

Surface Treatment of Stainless Steel

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Applications and Use Cases

In summary, electropolishing is used for a wide range of applications where metal surfaces must meet high requirements for purity, corrosion resistance, washability, and hygiene. The process is crucial for improving performance, lifespan, and hygiene in various industries.

Applications and industries where electropolishing is important:

  • Electronics and semiconductor industry.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Equipment for sterilization and disinfection.
  • Food production – including dairy products and edible oils.
  • Paper and pulp handling.
  • Nuclear power equipment.
  • Process industry – such as wastewater treatment and the chemical industry.
  • Automotive – decoration and corrosion protection.
  • Marine environment – corrosion protection and durability.
  • Building facades.

Advanced Electropolishing Technology as a Surface Treatment

Calamo boasts Europe’s largest capacity and the most advanced technology for electropolishing. The methods used for electropolishing tubes are the most modern and efficient in the world.

In Calamo’s new electropolishing facility for large-scale components, a wide range of products is handled, from tiny components to vessels and constructions weighing up to five tons. In our other facilities, we can meet diverse requirements from many different industries. Typical steel grades that we electropolish include austenitic, ferritic, and austenitic-ferritic (duplex) steels, as well as highly alloyed steel types like Hastelloy.

50 years of experience

Additionally, Calamo brings over 50 years of experience, always striving for development to offer electropolishing for various steel grades, sizes, and applications.

How to succeed with electropolishing? Learn more about it HERE.

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