Modern Methods:

Pickling of Stainless Steel

An optimal end treatment and the best preparation for electropolishing. Pickling creates clean surfaces – free from oxides, contaminants, and discoloration. Achieve purity requirements, corrosion-free surfaces free from discoloration.

Adding Perfection
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Pickling, electropolishing, and high-purity water cleaning. This is what Calamo's processes look like for perfect results every time.

Pickling as End Treatment & Surface Preparation

Hot pickling – or NOX treatment as it is also known – creates a smooth and gray surface that is free from oxides, contaminants, and discoloration. The uniqueness of hot pickling lies in treating the entire surface, not just the welded and oxidized areas.

The natural chromium oxide layer that makes stainless steel stainless is recreated immediately after pickling and rinsing. This makes hot pickling the optimal surface treatment for stainless steel when there are high demands for a consistent appearance and a clean surface free from contaminants, oxides, and discoloration.

It is also the best preparation for stainless steel surfaces before electropolishing for a smoother result with higher quality. There may also be aesthetic reasons since the surface after is even and uniform.

Surface Treatment of Stainless Steel

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Industries and applications where pickling is important:

  • Paper and pulp
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive
  • Food
  • Stainless steel constructions in general
  • Titanium applications

Post-Treatment for Absolute Purity

Some products require absolute purity with no water stains; in such cases, rinsing with high-purity water is an essential post-treatment. Calamo offers high-purity water produced in-house, as well as drying and packaging products in cleanrooms.

Different Types of Steel Grades

Calamo can pickle all stainless austenitic, ferritic, and austenitic-ferritic (duplex) grades of stainless steel, as well as certain nickel alloys and titanium. Before pickling, the material must always be well degreased to avoid damaging the product and the process.

Read more about the difference between hot pickling and cold pickling and Calamo’s modern processes HERE.

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