What standards does Calamo comply with and work with?

Calamo has extensive experience working with product standards for pipe products, both European (EN) and American (ASTM, ASME).

Calamo is certified according to the PED Directive 2014/68/EU and has undergone a specific evaluation concerning material handling as per Annex 1, paragraph 4.3.

We perform electropolishing according to ASTM B912 and EN 15730:2016 and passivation according to A380/A380M. Additionally, we have the capability to conduct testing methods according to Practice F in A967/A967M.

Specific standards

More information about the specific standards we certify against and comply with is available under the various product categories of tubes and tubes fittings.

Contact us

For inquiries regarding standards or certification, please contact our sales department: sales@calamo.se.